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BenS Kantoormeubelen

Henk Schimmel was in the office furniture business for over twenty years when, in 2002, he decided to start his own company with two friends. 

At a trade fair, they came into contact with a supplier of quality office chairs. Together, they designed the first chairs and carried out extensive testing before introducing them to the Dutch market under their own brand name, BenS. This quickly became a success and now the chairs are sold all over Europe.  

Over the years, they have built up a range of 45 different office chairs. New models are added each year. Notably, the first chair design is still one of the best sellers in their range. Thanks to Henk's many years of experience in the industry, the engagement of Italian designers, and a quality production process (one of the top office chair manufacturers), they have established a strong brand in the market. The chairs meet all ergonomic requirements and certifications, such as ARBO – NEN-1335, and warranties vary from two to five years per chair.

The chairs are primarily distributed through specialized office supply stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Within the six-person team at BenS Office Furniture, there is also a projects division. Here, chairs are supplied in series from 25 to sometimes 250 pieces for large furnishing projects.

In recent years, online sales have grown significantly. This happens via their own webshop (www.benskantoormeubelen.nl) and platforms like Bol.com and Amazon. Especially through the latter platform, sales to individuals and companies in Europe have emerged.

The increased work-from-home trend has given a significant boost to sales in recent years. The great thing is that when employees order a BenS office chair for their home, they like it so much that they also want the same at work, and before long, the employer orders BenS office chairs for all employees. About 30,000 office chairs are sold annually, which corresponds to about 50 to 60 full shipping containers.

Despite strong sales, Henk still sees opportunities for further growth. The Internet will continue to drive growth, and they are considering entering the German market through specialized trade.

Export countries: 15 countries in Europe.