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Bast Barbecue

BAST is a young Dutch company with a heart in the right place. With BAST, we aim to make a positive impact on people and the planet by developing social and sustainable products that contribute to a good life and a better living environment. Our mission statement is therefore:

"To enhance people's barbecuing experience in a better and more sustainable way by offering them a socially and responsibly sourced alternative to charcoal." 

The Genesis of BAST

BAST was founded in 2015 by Jeroen Martono Janssens. Born in Indonesia and raised in the Netherlands, Jeroen has been given opportunities that are less common in his country of birth. During one of his trips to Indonesia, Jeroen witnessed how coconut husks were used to grill satay. Combined with his passion for cooking and good food, he became extremely enthusiastic about barbecuing with coconut charcoal and conceived the idea for the product and brand BAST: sustainable, premium coconut briquettes made from charred coconut husks that would otherwise be discarded as waste. With BAST, Jeroen's dream came true – to stimulate the local economy of his birth country.

BAST in 2020

After a few years, Jeroen decided to pass the company on to two friends to take BAST to the next level and establish it as a serious player in the barbecue charcoal market. Today, Jeroen is no longer involved in BAST's daily operations, but as the founding father, he remains closely connected to the concept. BAST thus remains true to the original good intentions and dreams with which the company was established. 

Our Five Core Values

In achieving our mission, our five core values always guide us.

> Craftsmanship

> Social

> Sustainable

> Responsible

> Fun

Social Enterprise

BAST is a member of Social Enterprise NL, an organization with the goal of fostering a favorable ecosystem for social entrepreneurship.

.ECO Domain Name

You might have noticed that we don't use a standard domain name, but instead, we use This makes us proud members of the .eco community.

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