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Bwe Systec

Böwe Systec delivers and services warehousing and paper processing machines such as sorting systems, conveyor belts, pallet handling systems, automated carton erectors and sealers, inserting systems, cutting tools, and more. The most important systems are the inserting and warehousing systems (incl. WMS, WCS). Both solutions feature fully automated track and trace systems.

The parent company is Böwe Systec GmbH, located in Augsburg, which in turn falls under the Possehl Group. This German machine manufacturer has been active for over 75 years in developing solutions for the paper processing industry. After several take-overs, the warehousing portfolio has expanded significantly, both in terms of software and hardware solutions.

The business and its printing press were formerly part of the Blaeuwe Werelt Groep. The company was sold in 1995 to Böwe Systec GmbH, the market leader in inserting systems for enterprises, including all the major mailing houses.

Böwe Systec has 1000 employees across the globe, of which 15 work in Apeldoorn. The employees are very proud of their parent company because of its excellent products and welcoming company culture. People sometimes continue to work there for up to 20 to 30 years, and the turn-over rate is low thanks to the engaging work and varied customer contact. The Apeldoorn location also supervises the repair and revision of refurbished systems.

Important recent technical innovations include:

1) A double split-tray sorter (also known as a double bomb-bay sorter).

2) A fully automated inserting system for C6, C5 and C4 envelopes.

Almost all the 2021 election voting forms were processed with Böwe equipment, and each form could be traced back precisely to when and on which machine the form was processed.

Because email mailings are on the rise, the annual number of sent envelopes decreases by an average of 10% each year. As a result, Böwe warehousing systems are becoming increasingly important.

In terms of sustainability, the focus lies on measures such as reducing paper waste. The fanfold forms with the well-known holes down the side have been replaced, and the clear plastic windows on envelopes are removable so that they can easily be separated and recycled. Furthermore, Böwe systems are known for their long lifespan. The machines are also no longer crated onto pallets. This has led to a significant reduction in packaging materials, particularly wood.  In addition, the company focuses on reducing the energy consumption and noise level of the machines.

Export countries: Worldwide.