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BOTI Europe

Nico Blauw has been active for almost his entire life in the greatest sector there is: the toy industry. BOTI Europe was founded in 2012, with Nico as its director. BOTI is an acronym for Big On Toy Innovation. It is a 100% subsidiary of BOTI International, a Hong Kong-based toy manufacturer specialising in the development and global (FOB) distribution of innovative and inspiring toys for children worldwide.

BOTI Europe is responsible for the local distribution of in-house and external products in the Benelux (BNL) countries, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GAS). BOTI’s range of hundreds of toys includes many well-known brands such as Tonka, Disney Princess, Peppa, Fortnite, Baby Shark, Pokemon and K’nex. The ten-man team at BOTI arranges the sale, distribution and marketing and promotional support for dealers for these brands. By working with these well-known A-class brands, BOTI has a pervasive network of toy shops and online toy retailers in these European countries.

In-house product development

One of the things that makes BOTI Europe unique is its in-house product development. This involves close collaboration with leading toy manufacturers, inventors and licensors from the entertainment industry and has led to new products that are sometimes sold in dozens of countries. Nico: ‘You would think that everything’s already been thought up at some point, but nothing is further from the truth. We have a young, dynamic and ambitious team with ample experience in the international toy industry, and we succeed in bringing something new and original to the market every time.’

For instance, BOTI Europe has developed a special balloon that you can fill with all sorts of materials. You can even paint the balloons. More than half a million sets of this product have been sold in over 35 countries. The balloons continue to be a popular product. A large part of that growth will probably come from the USA; BOTI is currently negotiating with several major retailers in the US.

Product development is a continuous process, and new initiatives are already in place to take over the market.

Export countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and in-house developed products to 30 more countries from all over the continent.