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Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn

The Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn (BKA) is an entrepreneurs' association with nearly 300 members. This makes BKA the largest entrepreneurs' association in Apeldoorn and a significant partner in dialogues with local authorities. Apeldoorn serves as a breeding ground for distinctive businesses in the region, ranging from large to medium-sized and even small enterprises that specialize in unique products and play a pivotal role in the (international) market. Apeldoorn houses numerous such companies, which the BKA rightfully takes pride in. BKA's activities encompass advocacy, lobbying, and strengthening its members' network.

Since 2017, the BKA has been organizing export meetings for its members engaged in international operations. This involves collaborations with the MKB Trade Office, RCT Gelderland, and the Apeldoorn municipality. During these gatherings, experiences are shared, and potential collaborations are uncovered. Thanks to local partnerships, significant progress has been made in the field of export, benefiting both already exporting companies and businesses in the initial phases of exporting their products.

At, you'll find a world map showcasing the countries where companies from Apeldoorn export their products and services. Clicking on a specific country provides an overview of the exporting businesses. It might surprise you how many companies serve even the most unexpected countries.

Made in Apeldoorn Export Book

The BKA is one of the initiators of the Made in Apeldoorn Export Book. Here, we present the second edition, which includes interviews with over 200 companies. The book's content can also be found on, where data is meticulously maintained and regularly updated.

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