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Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn

The Bedrijvenkring Apeldoorn (BKA) is an association for entrepreneurs with almost 300 members. With this the BKA is the biggest business association in Apeldoorn and an important point of contact for local governments. Apeldoorn is breeding ground for remarkable regional businesses. Big, middle but also small businesses producing a specialty product who are an important player in the (international) market. Apeldoorn harbors a lot of these companies, and BKA is proud for that! The BKA activities are advocacy, lobby and network enhancement, amongst others for its members. 
The BKA organizes export-meetings for its members doing international trade. They cooperate with the Rabobank Apeldoorn, RCT Gelderland and the municipal Apeldoorn for this. During these meetings, experiences are shared and matches are made. A lot of export-cooperation has taken place through local cooperation, both with already exporting companies as with companies just starting the export of their products. Members can read the reports of the export-meetings through the BKA website.
On you will find a world map. On this map you can see where the Apeldoorn businesses export their products and services. You will get an overview of exporting businesses by clicking a country. You will be surprised how many unexpected businesses are exporting to so many countries. 

Export-book Made in Apeldoorn
BKA is one of the sponsors for the Exportbook Made in Apeldoorn (2017), in which over 100 companies are interviewed. This book’s content can also be found on Online data will be kept up-to-date. 
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