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BJ Electronics

When he was 14 years old, Bjorn Arno found a job as a petrol station attendant. The petrol station owner was an audiophile, which soon rubbed off on the young Bjorn. It wasn’t long before Bjorn was installing audio equipment in cars. Bjorn enjoyed the work so much that he decided to turn it into a career. After holding several positions in employed service, Bjorn set up his own business in 2004 using his initials in the name: BJ Electronics.

Specialisation in the luxury segment

The first customers were brought in through the Dutch online trading site, Marktplaats, and usually involved standard work in standard car models. The need for more challenging work quickly arose. Bjorn: ‘I noticed during my time with various employers that my bosses were often hesitant to install audio installation in luxury cars and sports cars. I decided to focus on that market segment and found out I was good at it. The first customers told others of their experiences, and without having to advertise, more and more luxury car brand owners came to see me. The luxury brands start with Mercedes, BMW and Audi all the way up to Lamborghini, Ferrari and rare Bugattis, Ford Mustangs and other exotic cars’.


BJ Electronics offers car owners a variety of ‘specials’ that they can have installed in their cars upon request. This varies from television screens, PlayStation consoles, security equipment, cameras, audio and satnav systems to bullet-proof glass. And almost anything is possible. Few companies in the Netherlands specialise in this field to such a degree, and BJ Electronics is one of them. That’s why many owners from the Netherlands and abroad visit Apeldoorn or have the work done on-site at a location of their choice.

Customers from the USA

Bjorn is an American car enthusiast. He shares this passion with a growing group of Americans working in Europe, including military staff. Bjorn: ‘Many Americans bring their own domestic cars with them when they’re stationed in Europe. My first phone call came from an American who wanted to have some extras added to his imported Ford Mustang. He had heard great stories about our work and wanted to give us the job. We were told we could send the invoice to California. Today, we have more than a hundred American customers.’

Export countries: Germany, Belgium, France, UK & USA