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Avantes develops and produces spectrometers: a small high-tech device that lets you measure in the light spectrum.  The applications are numerous: whether it's process control in the production of solar panels, measuring maize nutritional values directly on a harvesting machine, measuring air pollutants to determine air quality or early diagnosis of tumours. These and hundreds of other types of measurements can be carried out with a spectrometer. Avantes was established in 1994 in Eerbeek. Since 2012, Avantes is located in Apeldoorn and has grown into an international organisation, with 85 staff at the main office in Apeldoorn with a production facility, and over 20 on-site staff at locations in the United States and China.

Innovating together

With a combination of high-tech hardware and software, Avantes offers measurement solutions and useful information at the highest level.  “We feel it is important to continue to innovate together with our clients,” CEO Pierre Warffemius explains. “Many clients are working towards creating a better world in a number of fields. Our products ensure that clients can meet their needs and obligations in light of strict requirements and standards.

“Our company not only strives to create a better world through our products, but we also adopt this approach with our premises,” Pierre continues. In 2011, Avantes relocated to a 1980s building on the Oude Apeldoornseweg. The office building has been fully renovated to make it more sustainable, from energy label G to A. Today, the building is a high-tech production and office environment with 400 solar panels on the roof and hybrid cars parked in the lot outside. That’s how we contribute in our own small way to the environment.”

Preferred supplier

Avantes is a preferred supplier of leading companies in the field and has a strong position within several markets, including the food safety, virus detection and semiconductor market. Since 2008, Avantes is a member of the Nynomic Group, allowing them to anticipate future client demands even further. “Our worldwide distribution network continues to grow as we strive to optimally serve clients from all nationalities,” he adds.

With an installed base of more than 53,000 systems worldwide, Avantes is well on its way to becoming the absolute global market leader in spectroscopy.

Export countries: 35 distributors worldwide. Growth markets: Germany (agriculture and horticulture), France and Italy (food and beverage).