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Ambrava (Samsung)

Ambrava is the sole importer and distributor of Samsung climate control systems in the Benelux. Samsung makes state-of-the-art water pump and air conditioning systems for residential and large utility construction. Ambrava supplies a wide range of these products exclusively to certified installation companies.

Managing Director and founder Rimme van de Ree: “We do not supply end customers, only the installation sector. From our headquarters in Apeldoorn, 12 employees serve around 500 installation companies in the Netherlands. Our sales office in Belgium has a staff of seven and serves 350 installation companies. We offer our customers commercial and technical support”. Ambrava has a large assortment of parts and products that can be delivered very quickly. Orders placed before 14.30 p.m. arrive the next day.

Ambrava works closely with clients of the installers to find suitable solutions for technical challenges. The company also offers extensive, free, training programmes for its products. Suggestions picked up through the marketing efforts of Ambrava are passed on to installers.

Strong in innovation

Samsung is a brand that is significantly expanding in the water pump and air conditioning sectors. At the moment it is world number four in terms of market share. With the launch of recent new innovations, it is expected that the share will increase. Samsung was the first manufacturer to develop a patented, round, airco cassette; due to the round form there are no dead corners, so cool air is evenly discharged in all directions. A novelty is that corporate logos can be printed on this system. In another air conditioning system, 21,000 micro-holes have been incorporated so that there are no draughts.

Ambrava maintains close contact with Samsung’s research and development department. Tips and suggestions for improvements from Ambrava customers are directly relayed to Korea and translated into better and new products.

A separate Ambrava unit focuses on boilers developed in-house. Here again, innovation with regard to sustainability, ease of use and comfort sets its own-brand ARBM apart.

Looking to the future, Ambrava expects to grow significantly. More and more private individuals and companies are focussing on sustainability. Ambrava has the perfect products for them. The combination of a water pump and solar panels on the roof make a gas supply redundant.

Export countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and occasionally other countries