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Albert van de Scheur

This fourth-generation family business has been operating as a specialty industrial logistics company since 1934.  Albert van de Scheur started with a horse and carriage back then. Today, the company has grown into a specialist in industrial movement with 35 highly motivated employees, a broad range of hoisting equipment and an extensive vehicle fleet.

Total partner 

Their services go way beyond transport, according to director Johan van de Scheur. “We are specialised in industrial movements such as production lines, printing presses, escalators, production machines and even entire factories. This means that we have specialists who disassemble the machines, package and transport them, and then assemble and install them on-site ready for use. This mainly takes place in the Netherlands and Europe. Sometimes we go further afield. We once disassembled an entire production line in the Netherlands for a customer and packaged it into 30 shipping containers.  The containers were shipped to Portland in the United States where our team re-assembled everything in six weeks. For a South-Korean machine manufacturer, we unloaded an 80-metre machine production line in 50 shipping containers in our warehouse, to be shipped two months later for just-in-time delivery and assembly at a prominent production facility here in Apeldoorn.

Every project is custom-made, and clients often want the job done as quickly as possible to minimise down-time on the production line. Peter Schoenmaker explains that besides craftsmanship, flexibility, efficiency and sustainability are the strengths of the business. The company has electric cranes, for example, that prevent diesel emissions in the production area, and the white caterpillar tracks prevent marks from forming on the floor. More and more businesses find such details important.

Knowledgeable personnel

Besides moving entire company sites, a lot of work consists of servicing the manufacturing industry with the placing and relocation of machines and entire production lines as well as the storage of machines for various clients. Van de Scheur does this for many Dutch and international machine builders throughout Europe. For example, Van de Scheur was in recent years commissioned by a large listed Japanese machine builder to supply the Bank of England press in London with various new money presses. Today, these presses have been installed in several countries by the Albert van de Scheur team.

Peter Schoenmaker sees a bright future for the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands, and that includes his business. Production continues to increase for the food, technology, and packaging industries, for example, which means that we will always have work to do. The high quality of Dutch personnel is another advantage. By delivering quality work in a specialised niche market, customers continue to work with us and see us as a partner rather than a supplier. It is no coincidence that businesses from all over the world know where to find us. Besides a large Japanese client, we also have a client from Israel.

Export countries: Europe, Turkey,  USA