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Since its foundation in 2008, Agrozone has become the specialist in the use of ozone for disinfection and purification of air and water in the agricultural sector and market leader of ozone systems in the Netherlands. Their innovative systems are exported all over the world from Scandinavia to the United States. The demand for clean, sustainable production of food, vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants is growing worldwide and the ozone systems of Agrozone can make a wonderful contribution here. 

After the founder Cees de Haan spent 15 years in the industrial sector in the field of legionella control in cooling towers with ozone, he was ready for a new challenge. This became Agrozone with the mission to develop clean disinfection techniques to reduce the use of chemicals, pesticides and medicines in society. The innovative solutions that Agrozone has developed are now being used in greenhouse horticulture, bulb cultivation, food industry and livestock farming. 

The company has around 20 employees and is growing fast. Since February 2017, Agrozone has been part of the Co-operative Royal Horticultural Center Horticoop in Bleiswijk. Agrozone is located in a historic business building in Loenen from 1966. Here all their products are developed and produced. Managing Director (a.i.) Dick Weijman: We design, create and maintain all our products and systems ourselves. Thanks to our own R & D department and software development, we are constantly working on the renewal of our products and we have the opportunity to continuously test new applications. 

Smart and environmentally friendly
The Agrozone purification and decontamination systems work on the basis of oxidation with ozone and are among the most environmentally friendly purification techniques. There are no harmful by-products and there is no need for consumables such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. It only requires electricity and compressed air. However, this must be done carefully. "We provide our systems with strict safeguards that ensure that there are no risks to people, animals and the environment when low concentrations are released", emphasizes Weijman.

Certified treatment system
From January 1st 2018, greenhouse growers are obliged to purify 95% of wastewater from plant protection products. Agrozone is the first company to have certified a treatment system for this in 2016. For Agrozone, this new legislation creates a new sales market for their products. Agrozone is a member of the EUOTA organization that is working on the European registration of its ozone applications. 

Export countries: primarily Western Europe