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Trioworld Apeldoorn

Trioworld Apeldoorn B.V. develops and produces flexible packaging film and foils. For the food industry as well as stretch-foil to protect products on pallets. But also technical film for construction of the car industry. 

Driving past the Trioworld building at the Laan van Westenenk, you’ll probably won’t realize that production is going on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 51 weeks per year. Production only stops between Christmas and New year’s Eve. 50 million kilos of foil leave the assembly line each year.

World player
Trioworld is a prime example of an innovative Apeldoorn company with an impressive clientele which is still a little unknown to the average Apeldoorn resident. But not to clients like Coca-Cola, Nestlé and Heineken. Throughout all of Russia the pallets of Heineken beer are packaged using the Trioworld stretch-foil. As a consumer you also get a good chance of regularly buying products packaged using Trioworld foil. About 80% of all bread packaging is made by Trioworld. 

225 Employees work for Trioworld in Apeldoorn, over 80% of which live in Apeldoorn. Together they take care of a revenue of roughly 115 million euro per year. About three quarters of this revenue is from export. Trioworld is supplier for clients all over the world, with a focus on Western Europe. But export also takes place to Korea, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Russia, Mexico and the USA. Expectations are that export will grow even further, especially in Asian countries and the United States.

In December 2019, the Apeldoorn-based company was acquired by the Swedish Trioplast Group. Trioplast was established in 1965 and currently has its head office in Smålandsstenar in Sweden. Driven by the ongoing development of innovative and sustainable oil-based plastic products, Trioplast, with a turnover of €420 million and some 1200 employees, is one of the market leaders in this segment. Trioplast has manufacturing sites in Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and France, and its products are sold worldwide. As of 24 February 2021, Trioplast continues its operations under the name Trioworld, which includes the Apeldoorn site.

Continuous innovation 
Why do these clients come to Trioworld? “We deliver good quality, if not the best in the world for our markets,” tells managing director Evert Paardekooper. “And through continuous innovation, we want to keep that spot. We produce using the newest multilayer techniques (a whole 51 layers) and are able to work closely with the clients, from the right composition of the plastics to the right setting on the client’s wrapping machines. It is an art to guarantee maximum security with the minimum amount of film.” 

Export countries: worldwide, focus on Western Europe